ISHINE Dual Action Rotary Car Polisher 1200W

Dual Action Rotary Car Polisher, is a polishing machine for car paint surface preparation, giving results to professional detailers. Heavy Duty Dual Action Rotary Car... (Read more)

ISHINE Dual Action (DA) Car Polisher

  Dual Action (DA) Car Polisher is a buffer machine for cars, delivers 2000-5800 OPM for smooth, swirl-free finishes. It Creates an orbit pattern for... (Read more)

Infrared coating and paint curing lamps (IR Heater)

IR Heater is Infrared coating, and paint curing lamps have short wave infrared paint/coating dryers of perfect quality for a reasonable price. Available in 3x1000W... (Read more)

Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer

Nanolex Tire & Rubber restorer is based on an optimized, UV-resistant formulation that gives tires and rubber parts their original appearance. Thanks to its deep-absorbing... (Read more)

Nano Ceramic Coating – Nanolex Germany

Nanolex Si3D ceramic coating is Glass Coating, assures the coating layer is preserved & your paint is protected from tiny particles scratches. How to use... (Read more)
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