Walk Behind Battery Operated Scrubber Cleaning Machine Driers QUICK 36E

Battery operated scrubber dryer, cleaning machine/equipment for mopping, cleaning sweeping for building roads, warehouses, and shopping malls. CODE: 8.518.0004 Suitable to work in congested areas... (Read more)

Automatic Walk Behind Scrubber Driers FREE EVO 50B

Automatic Battery operated walk-behind scrubber dryer, a cleaning scrubbing and mopping machine suitable for all textiles, floors, and tiles. Textiles cemented epoxy coated industrial production... (Read more)

Walk Behind Industrial Scrubber Dryer FREE EVO 50E

Industrial scrubber dryer is a walk-behind scrubber dryer, floor cleaner, mopping & cleaning machine for industrial & commercial usage. CODE: 8.527.0003 A Very compact scrubbing machine... (Read more)
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