Steamer Cleaner Model: GV KONE

Steam cleaner for car cleaning, kitchen, home. Sanitizes, sterilizes all surfaces with steam power, without using detergents or disinfectants. CODE: 8.404.0051 Lavor PRO car steam... (Read more)

Heavy Duty Steamer Cleaner Model: GV 3,3 M PLUS

Lavor GV 3,3 M Plus – Industrial Steam Generator. Lavor Hyper Heavy Duty Steamer Cleaner for steam cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Heavy-duty steam cleaner is... (Read more)

Heavy Duty Steamer Cleaner Model:GV VESUVIO 10

GV VESUVIO 10 is an Industrial high-pressure Steamer cleaner suitable use in food processing areas, pharmaceuticals, & cleanroom Laboratories CODE: 8.452.0010 FEATURES Built-in stainless steel... (Read more)

Heavy Duty Steamer Cleaner Model: KOLUMBO CORDLESS

Heavy-Duty Steamer Cleaner Model Kolumbo Cordless for cleaning large surfaces and steam car washing. Assembled on a sturdy steel frame. CODE: 8.628.0025 FEATURES Vertical burner... (Read more)
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