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Nanolex Si3D ceramic coating is Glass Coating, assures the coating layer is preserved & your paint is protected from tiny particles scratches.

How to use Nanolex ceramic coating Si3D HD

Processing temperature: 5-30°C – Avoid direct sunlight and/or high air humidity.

  1. Nanolex ceramic coating Si3D HD can apply directly to all clear-coated (lacquered) surfaces. The lacquer surface must be dry and free of any contamination or dust. We strongly recommend using Nanolex EX directly before the application, to make sure that all oils/fillers and other dirt are removed completely from the surface. Use Nanolex microfiber towels and turn or exchange cloth frequently during cleaning/polishing.
  2. If the car was machine polished before the application it is absolutely necessary to remove any (mostly invisible) fillers and oils. If those are not removed a white or grey hazing will appear on the paint once Si3D HD was applied. The paint sealant layer itself is too thin to be visible and can easily buff off – only fillers and oils will become visible. We recommend washing the car with Nanolex PreWash after the paint was machine polish to safely remove the majority of the contamination.
  3. Spread 5-10 drops/m2 of Nanolex Si3D HD on a microfiber applicator pad and apply it sparingly by rubbing it with light pressure in criss-cross motions. Remove the coating residue with a soft microfiber cloth after a maximum of 3 minutes. There is no pressure necessary to remove it completely.
  4. Let Nanolex ceramic coating Si3D HD cure on the surface for at least 12 hours (at ambient temperature, assuming 20°C) before the first water contact. Do not wash the car within the first 72 hours.

Curing time depends on temperature: @50°C: 3-4 hours @80°C: 2 hours

You can protect your car now with a Nanolex ceramic coating

It is now much easier to clean because dirt just can’t stick to the surface as before. But it will still become dirty at some point. You don’t need as many cleaners as before. The cleaners that you use don’t need to be very harsh to remove all the dirt. This is why we’d like you to consider the environment and not use harsh chemicals.

  1. The sealed surfaces should not contain other products such as wax or polymer sealants. Those products cover the coating layer and thereby the easy-to-clean effect that it provides. Please also keep in mind that abrasive polishes will remove the protective layer.
  2. To make sure the sealant has maximum durability and performance,
  3. In general, we recommend always washing the car by hand using Nanolex Car Care maintenance products. Nanolex ceramic coating will protect your car paint. If you use Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo, Nanolex WashCoat, or Nanolex Final Finish, It adds performance and durability to it. If you wash the car by hand, always use a high-quality wash mitt and drying towels to avoid scratches.
  4. It is not necessary to use highly alkaline or acidic wheel cleaners – the protective layer that is now on the wheels makes them much easier to clean – Nanolex Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover will absolutely suffice to clean the wheels completely and gently.
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