Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer

Nanolex Tire & Rubber restorer is based on an optimized, UV-resistant formulation that gives tires and rubber parts their original appearance. Thanks to its deep-absorbing active ingredients, the treated surfaces receive a long-lasting, semi-matt, mint-like appearance. It was developed, tested, and produced in Germany.

It comprises a unique blend of rubber conditioning agents suspended in a high purity synthetic isoparaffin carrier solution. This carrier solution is able to penetrate rubber and thus carry the conditioning agents into it rather than simply depositing them on its surface. In addition, this carrier solution also has an intensive cleaning action. It lifts away ingrained grime and surface stains with ease because it has a deep conditioning agent. It is capable of removing the water spots.

Rubber is a natural product and is prone to becoming dry and brittle over time because moisture and essential oils are lost. It formulates to counter this issue in order to keep rubber surfaces looking and feeling like new. This is because of using a unique blend of deeply-penetrating conditioning agents, which restores lost moisture and essential oils and imparts long-lasting UV protection as well as a subtle-looking shine. Under typical weather conditions, each application of Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer usually lasts for a minimum of three weeks, even in wet weather.

  • Gives tires and rubber parts back their original appearance.
  • Highly durable.
  • Silky matt, new gloss.
  • A very long duration of action.
  • Very simple processing.
  • Very low material consumption.
  • Suitable for tires and all external rubber trim

How To Use

Surfaces should be spotlessly clean and dry before use.

For best results, apply 3-4 pea-sized drops of product to either a Flexipads Split Foam Applicator Pad or a Meguiar’s Soft Foam Applicator Pad and then wipe it on as thinly and evenly as possible. Once applied, leave it to dry fully for 1-2 hours before driving. If this is not possible, wipe the treated surfaces down gently with a PB Utility Towel immediately before driving in order to minimize the risk of runs or sling.


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