All Purpose Liquid Polish

Elevate the sheen and luster of a variety of surfaces with our All-Purpose Liquid Polish. Crafted for versatility, it enhances the beauty of leather, plastic,... (Read more)

Hand Sanitizer

Experience the ultimate in cleanliness with our premium hand sanitizer. Formulated with a powerful blend of antibacterial agents, it effectively eliminates 99.9% of germs, leaving... (Read more)

Floor Cleaner 
and Decreaser

This floor cleaner and degreaser, utilized in hotels and suitable for food courts, kitchen floors, and restaurant floor cleaning, excels at removing oil stains and... (Read more)

Escalator Cleaner i014

Escalator Cleaner is a specialized solution crafted to keep escalators pristine and functioning at their best. With a unique formula designed to cut through grease,... (Read more)

Heavy Duty Industrial 
Floor Cleaner 
and Decreaser

This industrial floor cleaner and degreaser are specifically crafted for heavy-duty applications, excelling in degreasing tasks such as removing oil stains and stubborn grease. Its... (Read more)

Floor Cleaner

Designed primarily for scrubber dryers, this low-foam chemical promises efficient cleaning performance without unnecessary residue. Introducing our potent Antibacterial Concentrated Floor Cleaner, meticulously formulated to... (Read more)

Water Tank Cleaner

Introducing our Water Tank Cleaner, a meticulous solution designed to provide unparalleled cleaning for your water storage system. This advanced formula excels in stain removal,... (Read more)

Multipurpose Cleaner

Discover the ultimate solution for comprehensive cleaning with our multipurpose cleaner. Specially crafted as an effective and antibacterial formula, this versatile cleaner is engineered to... (Read more)

Bathoom Cleaner

This bathroom cleaner is formulated for cleaning tiles, tubs, sinks, steel and metal fittings. Its descaling properties make it effective in removing limescale and maintaining... (Read more)

Hand Wash i104

Introducing our premium antibacterial hand wash, a powerful solution to maintain optimal hand hygiene. Formulated with advanced antibacterial agents, our hand wash effectively eliminates germs... (Read more)

Heavy Duty 
Kitchen Cleaner 
and Decreaser

Heavy Duty Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser: Engineered for the toughest kitchen cleaning challenges, this heavy-duty formula is designed to obliterate stubborn grease and grime. Whether... (Read more)

Toilet Commode Cleaner

Effortlessly maintain a pristine bathroom with our Toilet Commode Cleaner. Specially formulated to tackle stubborn stains and eliminate odors, this powerful cleaner provides a thorough... (Read more)

Solar Panel Cleaner

Introducing our advanced Solar Panel Cleaner – the key to maximizing your solar energy output! This innovative solution is designed to effortlessly remove dirt, dust,... (Read more)

Descaler and Rust Remover

Introducing our specialized descaler and rust remover for metal! Formulated with a potent blend, this solution is meticulously crafted to eradicate scale and rust deposits... (Read more)

Glass Cleaner i107

Introducing our premium glass cleaner, a versatile solution perfect for homes, office buildings, and various spaces. This powerful formula effortlessly removes fingerprints, smudges, and streaks,... (Read more)

Dish Wash i105

Introducing our cutting-edge antibacterial dish wash, designed to bring cleanliness and hygiene to your kitchen. This potent formula tackles tough grease and grime while actively... (Read more)

Floor Cleaner
and Decreaser

This floor cleaner and degreaser, utilized in hotels and suitable for food courts, kitchen floors, and restaurant floor cleaning, excels at removing oil stains and... (Read more)
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