Oil Drain Extractor

  • Rapid Vacuum Extraction Technology: Utilizing pressurized air and employing a vacuum generator device to deliver swift vacuum extraction with its remarkable speed and impressive negative pressure capacity.
  • Explosion-proof Tempered Measuring Cup: Pneumatic Oil Drainer & Extractor is crafted from explosion-resistant tempered glass, combining high strength, resistance to high temperatures, and corrosion resilience.Featuring a graduated scale design for easy observation of oil quality and volume.
  • Configuring 5 Different Diameters for Evacuation Wands: Oil Drain Extractor comes with 5 corrosion-resistant evacuation wands of varying diameters for various vehicle oil inlets.
  • Large-size Oil Catch Pan: A large-size oil catch pan with a diameter of 41cm.providing a wide oil-catching area.
  • Height Adjustable Letting Rod Mechanism: Features a height-adjustable lifting rod mechanism with a maximum height up to 1.5 meters.
  • Thickened Tank Construction: Large 70-liter capacity with1.5mm thickened materials to prevent oil leaks
  • 360° SWIVEL CASTERS: Oil Drain Extractor with 360°swivel casters for easy mobility.The casters have locking devices and strong load-bearing capacity and air leaks.       
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