3M™ Black Stripping Pad 7200

3M™ Black Stripping Pad 7200, a floor pad for cars, bikes. It eliminates scratching of the floor with its uniform coating. Apply with water-based floor... (Read more)

3M™ Blue Cleaning Pad 5300

3M™ Blue Cleaning Pad 5300, floor maintenance cleaning and heavy-duty scrubbing pad made of nylon and polyester fibers to remove dirt, spills. Abrasive particles are... (Read more)

3M™ Red Buffer Pad 5100

3M™ Red Buffer Pad 5100 is a floor maintenance, cleaning, and buffing pad for cars made of polyester fiber in an open-textured. Cleaning and polishing... (Read more)

3M White Super Polishing Pad 4100

3M White Polish Pad, a buffing pad for polishing soft waxes on wood floors. Removes scuffs, black heel marks with minimal dulling of finish. Uniform... (Read more)
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