Mounting Roller Board

This lightweight and high-quality mounting roller board is an essential tool in any car workshop, whether in the private or professional sector.

The car lounger is made of durable HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Therefore, it is not only shockproof and easy to clean, but also resistant to chemicals. Ergonomically shaped and equipped with 6 castors as is, the mounting lounger allows efficient and back-friendly work.

In addition, the mounting roller board has a removable headrest for more comfort and flexibility at work.


  • Made of high quality HDPE plastic and can hold up to 100kg
  • Ergonomically shaped mounting lounger with removable headrest and 6 wheels
  • Includes handy handle at the foot end for easy pulling or carrying
  • The ideal accessory for any car workshop and garage for professionals and tinkerers
Design & Developed by Aiwatech