All Purpose Liquid Polish

Elevate the sheen and luster of a variety of surfaces with our All-Purpose Liquid Polish. Crafted for versatility, it enhances the beauty of leather, plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, and more. This high-quality formula not only restores and protects surfaces but also adds a lasting brilliance.

With easy application and a long-lasting shine, our liquid polish is the go-to solution for bringing out the best in your cherished belongings. Unleash the radiance on multiple materials, leaving them looking renewed and impeccably polished.


  • Shine & protect
  • Concentrated
  • Quick action

Application Instructions:

  • Achieve optimal results with our premium product by following these expert recommendations.
  • For a sophisticated matte finish, blend at a ratio of 1:6 with water.
  • Attain a classic shine with a mixture of 1:5.
  •  For an unparalleled, radiant brilliance, use the product undiluted.

Elevate your experience and witness the transformative power of precision in application.

Available in

  • 5 Liter
  • 10 Liter
  • 20 Liter
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