Janitorial/Cleaning Trolley

Complete range of Janitorial housekeeping cleaning system Mop Buckets Mop Wringer, Mop Squeezer, and double mop bucket trolley are available.

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used to move cleaning supplies like sprays and cloths easily around a building, up and down floors, and in and out of doors. They can also be used to store other cleaning products for on-the-go ease, with different compartments and levels to maximize the amount of space a person can work with. Some trolleys even have space to store waste and dispose of it neatly without having to worry about a bag splitting.

We have a diverse range of janitorial trolleys, Single Mop Buckets, Mop Wringer, Mop Squeezer, and double mop bucket trolleys systems. So, they are ideal for storing cleaning equipment whilst on the go. suitable for repeated daily use thanks to their sturdy infrastructure and secure frame.

Thus, the Janitorial housekeeping cleaning system provides mobile storage of cleaning essentials for janitors, housekeepers, and cleaners. Our trolleys keep hold of everything required to provide a deep and thorough clean, whilst also being easy to maneuver. Ideal for use in various workplaces and commercial spaces, including schools, hotels, offices, and more.

  • Mobile trolley for cleaners
  • Shelves for storage of cleaning products
  • The front platform for buckets or bulky items
  • Includes 100-liter reusable vinyl waste bag
  • Fitted with 8 inch fixed rear wheels and 3-inch front swivel castors
  • Janitorial cart ideal for use in commercial, industrial, hospitality, retail, and other settings
  • Rolling caster wheels allow for easy pivoting and maneuverability
  • Detachable nylon zipper bag with grommeted frame for easy, effective waste disposal
  • Upper and lower recessed shelf trays for supplies, cleaning products, and tools; durable polypropylene construction
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: W470x D1220x H980mm

So these trolleys are Ideal for cleaners, they provide a mobile trolley for instant access to cleaning products and tools. It features shelves for cleaning sprays and bottles, space for brushes and mops, and a platform for bulkier items and buckets. The trolley comes with a large 100-liter vinyl bag for capacious storage of waste.


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