Single Mop Bucket Trolley

Single Mop Bucket is a wringer trolley system, with a mop press squeezer, mopping system with wet and dry mops in different sizes. Professional Quality Mop Bucket/Wringer trolley system. ideal any mopping task. A mop bucket cart (or mop trolley) is a wheeled bucket that allows users to wring out a mop that is wet without getting their hands dirty.

  • Large pour spout and handles designed to assist emptying.
  • Smooth, easy to clean surfaces

Key Features

  • A mop bucket cart is a wheeled bucket that allows users to wring out a wet mop without getting their hands dirty.
  • The cart has two buckets with the upper one usually clipped onto the lower.[1]
  • The upper bucket is used to place a wet mop for storage and press the handle to wring out the mop. Water trickles down to another bucket below collects the wastewater.
  • In some carts, there are separate lower front buckets to collect wastewater.
  • The smaller lower rear bucket is filled with floor cleaning solution. Wheels are usually present to allow the user to push the cart around using the wring handlebar to steer. These carts are usually made of heavy-duty plastic and usually found in institutional (hospitals), commercial (office), or industrial settings,
  • but can be used in the home as a more convenient and less dirty tool to cleaning floors.

We also provide a Double Mop Bucket Trolley System with a wringer that is a 50L (2x25L)  trollery system equipped with 2 color-coded with a  yellow mop press/wringer. (optional: Steel wringer/mop press). The double Mop Bucket Trolley contains a large storage capacity which is 50L. So it operates on a large scale in shopping malls and commercial buildings. This Trolley will help improve hygiene cleaning because dirty water is separate from clean water. So It’s ideal for Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools and other places.

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