Double Mop Bucket Trolley System

50L Double mop bucket trolley system with mop press/wringer available in some optional accessories like downward and sideward mop press(optional: Steel wringer/mop press).

The mop wringer bucket trolley is specially designed for cleaning operations. It is easy to use and saves cleaning time. It compresses features that surpass traditional mop buckets. The new generation of WaveBrake® helps to clean floors with less effort because it makes the job safer without sacrificing quality and durability.

The double Mop Bucket Trolley contains a large storage capacity which is 50L. So it operates on a large scale in shopping malls and commercial buildings.

Improve Safety and Productivity: 

Patented WaveBrake baffles result in less splashing while mopping and maneuvering, helping to create a safer environment for patrons and staff. Additionally, the water stays in the bucket, eliminating unnecessary trips to the storage closet to fill up the bucket, enhancing productivity.

Real estate, hotels, offices, exhibition centers, clubs, and other places are using Double Mop Bucket Trolley with wringer for cleaning jobs because it is easy to use and contains a large storage capacity.

This Trolley will help improve hygiene cleaning because dirty water is separate from clean water. So It’s ideal for Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools and other places.

Benefits and Features:

  • 2x 25L buckets.
  • Strong Wringer.
  • It comprises Durable Plastic material.
  • Castors.
  • Clean and Dirty water buckets increase hygiene.
  • It contains a Metal handle and thus, improves mobility.
  • having a Large pour spout and handles designed to assist emptying.
  • It Raised back gives extra wringing leverage, helps reduce potential back strain.
  • The trolley is extremely functional and versatile with superior ergonomics.
  • separation of cleaning solution from rinsing water allows a better cleaning result, less waste of water and chemical.

We have a Single Mop Bucket Trolley, a Professional Quality Mop Bucket/Wringer trolley system.

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