Industrial Heavy Vacuum Cleaner DTX80 1-30 S for dry & wet surfaces. DTX80 1-30 is Wet & Dry high-pressure Vacuum Cleaner with an 80lt tank.

CODE: 0.045.0032


1 MotorAnti electrostatic current deviceCloth filterFilter shaker


  • IP 65 silenced turbine motor.
  • Liquid float valve. washable filter.
  • S. S. tank.
  • Manual filter shake.
  • Professional closing hooks.
  • Static electric shock inhibitor.
  • Non-overturning steel structure.
  • Drain hose system.
  • Epoxy varnishing.
  • Steering wheels with brake.
  • Air intake safety valves for turbine motor protection.



Voltage 400-50 (3 phase) V – Hz
Depression 32 kPa (3200 mm H2O)
Air suction 97 l/s
Tank total volume 80/36/49 l
Number of motors / Power 1 – 3000 (induction) W
Noise Level 74 dB(A)
Filtering Capacity 5 micron


Lavor Pro Electric Industrial Vacuum Cleaner DTX80 1-30 S is a professional electric device, designed for dry and wet cleaning large areas is based on the induction motor 380 V. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fabric filter, which effectively delays even the smallest particles of dust, and the trash gets into a capacious tank of 80 liters of stainless steel. Vacuum cleaner electric Lavor pro dtx80 1-30 s is easy to move in the process of operation thanks to swivel wheels with parking brakes. The discharge hose for tank emptying makes the work comfortable and almost continuous. There is protection against static electricity.

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