Industrial commercial high-pressure vacuum cleaner for heavy-duty tasks, big area application for chemical waste vacuuming in Pakistan.

CODE: 0.056.0002


  • 2 silenced two-stage motor (SMX 2-24 model).
  • Suction with by-pass system cooling.
  • S/s tank. Manual.
  • Professional shaker filter closing hooks.
  • Static electric shock inhibitor.
  • Settlement float valve.
  • Cloth filter.
  • Filters (optional) against thin dust or Hepa.
  • Though integrated accessory storage facility.
  • Non-overturning steel structure.
  • Available with body and cover entirely made of AISI 304 s/s.
  • Traceless wheels.
  • Accessories Ø 40.


Voltage 230-50/60 (1Ph) V – Hz
Depression 23,6 kPa (2400 mm H2O)
Air suction 108 l/s
Tank total volume 77/45/50 l
Number of motors / Power 2/1000 W
Noise Level 74 dB(A)
Filtering Capacity 5 micron


It is a heavy-duty industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner available in Pakistan. Hence, it is suitable when the working conditions and the type of dirt are extreme. The SMX77 2-24 SM features 2 1000 watt motors and a 77-liter stainless steel tank. It also features a cyclonic vacuuming system to delay contact between the dust with the filter. Also, it has a filter shaker which an internal pneumatic hammer shakes and blows the filter to clean it allowing extensive working sessions without cleaning the filter. The filter can be easily cleaned just by using tap water. Thus this machine is antistatic, preventing any possible ignition sparks.

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