Industrial High Pressure Vacuum Cleaner DMX80 1-22 S suitable for cleaning large areas like products plants, factories. IP 65 silenced motor

CODE: 0.045.0031


1 MotorAnti electrostatic current deviceCloth filterFilter shaker


  • Especially, it has IP 65 silenced turbine motor.
  • Also, it has the Settlement float valve along with the washable filter.
  • S/s tank & Manual filter shaker.
  • Professional closing hooks and Static electric shock inhibitor.
  • Also, it has a non-overturning steel structure.
  • Additionally, a drain hose system along with Epoxy varnishing.
  • Further, it has Steering wheels with a brake.


Voltage 230-50/60 (1Ph) V – Hz
Depression 32 kPa (3200 mmH2O)
Air suction 92 l/s
Tank total volume 80 / 36 / 49 l
Number of motors / Power 1x 2200 (induction) W
Noise Level 74 dB(A)
Filtering Capacity 5 micron


When working conditions and dirt type are extreme, dangerous, or difficult to manage, Inventa heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners facilitate non-stop operation. Also, It has an innovative filtering system, with the possibility of automatic filter shakers, which comes with tough construction. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner DMX80 1-22 S is also available with an automatic start-stop system for using pneumatic or electrical tools, ensuring a dust-free area in the body shop, while preparing the surface, with the possibility to work with dangerous dust. Options of induction turbine motors are also available, these motors are superior to traditional carbon-brush motors in terms of safety, longevity, and vacuum power.

Lavor Hyper DMX80 is an industrial wet and dry high pressure vacuum cleaner suitable when the working conditions and the type of dirt are extreme. Thus, the innovative filtration systems, treatment of liquids, the robust construction make the Lavor Hyper DMX80 industrial vacuum cleaner an excellent professional product

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