Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner model: WINDY 130 IF powerful industrial & professional high-pressure floor cleaner with tank volume 30/15/17 liter.

CODE: 8.250.0001

  • High-efficiency by-pass motor.
  • Suction with by-pass system cooling.
  • S.S. tank.
  • Shock-proof trolley.
  • Liquid float valve.
  • Washable filter.
  • 7,5 m power cable.
  • Accessories Ø 35



Voltage 220/240V – 50/60 Hz
Depression 24 kPa / 2400 mm H2O
Air suction 65 l/s
Tank total volume 30/15/17 l
Number of motors / Power 1 – 1200 (max 1400) W



Small professional-quality Lavor Windy wet and dry vacuum cleaner Model: 130 IF capable of efficiently vacuuming both dust and liquids thanks to the 1400 W max high-efficiency motor, equipped with a vacuum system with by-pass cooling, with stainless steel drum very resistant mounted on shockproof trolley equipped with 4 wheels, 2 of which are pivoting for remarkable maneuverability during suction. Lavor Windy 130 IF is supplied complete with accessories for all types of suction you want to do: liquids and solids. It is a very good Lavor product, good quality components to ensure a long life of the Lavor Windy 130 IF vacuum cleaner.

Lavor Windy 130 IF wet & dry vacuum cleaner, is characterized by a wide base that guarantees maximum stability even at full load, stainless steel barrel, ergonomic handle, quick coupling for the suction tube, fixing to two professional metal hooks of the head to the drum, Lavor WINDY 130 IF is an ideal for, particularly heavy and demanding cleaning actions.

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