1.5-3.5 T Four Wheel Electric Forklift

Electric Forklift, a compact four-wheel electric lifter truck for indoor and warehouse applications capable of moving almost any standard load. It is material handling equipment that incorporates the batteries as a power source to drive the driving motor and the hydraulic system motor to realize moving and loading operation. It uses a DC power supply(battery) to carry and load goods. Compared with a diesel-type forklift, the electric forklift has the advantage of no pollution, easy operation, no noise, energy-saving, and high efficiency due to its simple operation and control. Especially in the storage, food, and textile, and other industries, electric forklifts are gradually replacing diesel forklifts.

Electric Forklift is a compact four-wheel electric lift truck solution for indoor and warehouse applications that is capable of moving almost any standard load while maintaining the ability to fully operate in all spaces.

Built with a simplistic design in mind. CT Power’s 7L Four Wheel Electric Forklift is quiet, compact with a small turning radius, and offers great handling. With customized algorithms, the 7L electric forklifts offer impressive performance, especially on slopes. The forklifts are easy to maintain and have proven dependable and reliable. The 3-wheel models are especially suitable for narrow aisles and tight spaces.


  • Unibody frame.
  • Boltless, unibody design increases strength by up to 20%. Improves safety, thus allowing the forklift to handle uneven surfaces and curvy paths.
  • It can withstand long and rigorous transporting operations.
  • The mast is made with German steel, thus it offers unparalleled rigidity and durability.
  • The anti-slip function automatically activates on slopes ensures safety.
  • Electronic Lock Valve (Optional).
  • Adds more security by locking the lifting and tilting system when the operator is away from the seat.


  • Comfortable Operating Space.
  • It has an ergonomic design, thus it minimizes operator fatigue from long working hours, increases operating space, and improves work efficiency.
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel.
  • Provide convenience and can customize to the operator’s desired position.
  • Intelligent multifunction display.
  • Multifunction display shows driving speed, battery charge, total hours, operator information, and all warnings in one compact.
  • So it is easy to read instruments.

We have a CT-POWER Diesel forklift TL Series ( 2.0-3.5 T ).  Is the Higher-end model in the CT Power product line, sets a new bar in counterbalance forklifts. The Diamond-cut sideline offers an aggressive appearance. Over 60 improvements have been made inside and out. Ergonomic design, enhanced safety and performance while lowering vibration and operating noise, and easy to maintain.



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