TL Series 2.0-3.5 T Diesel Forklift

The TL, the Higher-end model in the CT Power product line, sets a new bar in counterbalance forklifts. Diamond-cut sideline offers an aggressive appearance. Over 60 improvements have been made inside and out. Ergonomic design, enhanced safety and performance while lowering vibration and operating noise, and easy to maintain.

Ergonomic Comfort 

The perfect shape & position of the manual gear lever facilitate the driver operation. Independent dual rear lights together with warning light are easy to recognize & maintain.

New-type Rear Axle

The new rear axle design increases the turning angle to 78°and reduces the turning radius.

Unibody frame 

Boltless, unibody design increases strength by 20%, improves safety and allows the forklift to handle uneven surfaces and curvy paths, and can withstand long, rigorous transporting operations.

Smaller Steering Wheel

A smaller steering wheel facilitates turning and decreases operator fatigue. With a new steering valve and rear axle design. Thus reducing the load on arms and shoulders. The steering column has adjustable angles to allow the operator to achieve an operating position.

New Wide-view Mast made with German Steel

The new wide-view mast uses Dual Free Lift design/repositioned Rollers to the back/hidden pipe/new carriage to reach the optimum vision and loading capacity, together with new lower dashboard, increases operator’s vision, and safety. The mast is made with top-quality German steel, offering exceptional durability and reliability. The new 2 stage and 3 stage masts offer up to a maximum of 6m in height.

Large Opening Angle

Increases opening angle to 80°to facilitate maintenance. The opening engine hood is easy with a revised simple pull lever.

Optimum heat dissipation

A new design with a 40% larger radiator space dissipates heat, faster and keeps the engine cool.

Large Fuse Box

Organized, easy-to-read, and reduce maintenance time.

Tailift Transmission (Patented)

Tailift’s self-designed transmission uses advanced hydrodynamics for great precision and smoothness equipped with automotive-grade gears, Tailift’s transmission is powerful smooth, quiet, and durable.

Imported Brand O-rings

Japanese brand NOK O-rings prevent oil leakage with high resistance to a hot and cold environment. A sealed hydraulic oil cover plate greatly reduces contamination.


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