Walk Behind Sweeper SWL 900 ET (Battery Operated)

Walk-Behind Sweeper SWL 900 ET (Battery Operated) is a scrubbing machine for road sweeping, cleaning and dust collecting in an efficient way.

CODE: 0.061.0003

Its main applications are for the cleaning and collection of scattered garbage, leaves, and dust on the ground. Dust Sweeper Road Walk Behind Sweeper SWL 900 ET (Battery Operated) is widely applicable in urban roads, squares, and highways.

Integrated vacuumFilter shakerBelt transmissionSide brush exclusionFlap raise system


  • Ideal for medium and large surfaces.
  • Large surface filter with electric shaker filter
  • Side brush raising control. switch off.
  • Suction Flap raise system.
  • Filter Panel in the horizontal position.
  • Main brush pressure regulation.
  • Indirect back collection.
  • Quick main brush release.
  • Long-life elastic belts.
  • Reclining lever handle.
  • Suction selection.
  • Traction lever.
  • Antistatic device.
  • Wide collector tank.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Side brush mechanical engagement.
  • Battery and battery charger not included.


Max working capacity 3700 m2/h
Main brush width 710 mm
Main brush + side brush width 880 mm
Collector tank capacity 60 l
Traction automatic
Speed 4 km/h
Motor type / power 12/400 V/W
Filtering surface 3,02 m2
Brush pressure adjustable
Filter shaker electric


Lavor SWL 900 ST Petrol Engine Powered Walk Behind Floor Sweeper. The Lavorpro SWL 900 ST Sweeper has a large brush area than the smaller SWL 700 ST model at 880mm and a larger collection capacity of 60 Ltrs. Other features include a large surface filter with a manual shaker facility, Thus it is preventing blockages, and a pressure regulation system on the main & side brush is fitted for optimum cleaning results.

We are also providing Walk-Behind Sweeper SWL 900 (Engine Operated) that is an easy-to-maintain tool ideal for cleaning medium-large surfaces.

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