Single Motor Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner Model: ZEUS IF

Single Motor Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner Model: ZEUS IF used as a floor cleaner and wet & dry vacuum cleaner, Silenced two-stage motor.
CODE: 8.215.0501


  • Silenced two-stage motor.
  • Suction with by-pass system cooling.
  • S/s tank.
  • Professional closing hooks.
  • Static electric shock inhibitor.
  • Drain hose.
  • Shock-proof system trolley.
  • Liquid float valve.
  • Cloth filter.
  • 10 m power cable.
  • Easy standing head (during filter cleaning).
  • Traceless wheels.
  • Accessories Ø 40.
  • Anti-electrostatic device: often the dust that rubs at high sped against the parts of the vacuum cleaner creates a magnetic field which is then neutralized on the operator with annoying small discharges even through plastic material.


Voltage 220-240V / 50-60Hz V-Hz
Number of motors / Power (max) 1-1200 (max 1400) W
Drepression 21,6 kPa / 2200 mmH2O kPa/mmH2O
Air suction 53 l/s
Total volume / Dust 50/21/35 l.


Single Motor Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner are Easy to handle, easy to move, self-contained units. Ideal for use in environments such as small offices, workshops, homes, garages, stores, warehouses, etc… Necessary equipment for all cleaning companies. Include professional attachment kits and filters, for cleaning of floors, upholstery, small corners and crevices, hard-to-reach places, and car interiors.


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