Dry floor Road parking area walkways & warehouse cleaning sweeping machines engine battery operated open areas road sweeper, cleaner Pakistan

CODE: 0.061.0007
  • Ideal for large surfaces, dry floor road parking walkways warehouse sweeper cleaner.
  • Large filter surface distributed on 8 cartridge filters fitted with electric filter shaker.
  • Side brush raising control. It is a system protecting bristles during machine stop or whenever it is not necessary to use it.
  • On request, DSA unloads device for tank emptying into dust containers up to 145 cm height.
  • Complete left/right side brush.
  • Suction switch off.
  • Lift flap pedal.
  • Flashing light.
  • Main brush pressure regulation. The main brush collection area is delimited by protections (flaps) touching the ground, better vacuum effect. With a big residual is possible to raise the flap collecting it rather than keep going pushing it on the floor.
  • 90° steering angle.
  • Electric starter.
  • Service and parking brake.
  • Hour meter and klaxon.
  • Slip platform.
  • Indirect back collection.
  • Front dust vacuum system.
  • Quick changing of the main brush and side brush without tools.
  • Long-life elastic belts.
  • Suction selection lever.
  • Shock-proof steel frame.
  • Traction lever.
  • Antistatic device.
  • 115 lt wide collector tank.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Front working light system (optional on request)
  • The perfectly balanced weight of the components, thus resulting in totally safe quick changes of direction
  • Indirect back collection with a front dust vacuum system
  • Rugged design


Main brush width 700 mm
Main brush + side brush width 920 mm
Main brush + 2 side brushes 1230 mm
Collector tank 62 lt
Hourly efficiency 8280 m2/h
Traction / limiting gradient front wheel – 14%
Speed 5,8 km/h
Filtering surface 6 m2
Filter shaker electric


We are also providing another model in this ride-on floor sweeper is Floor Sweeper SWL R 1000 ET WITH FRONT LIGHT SYSTEM, which is ideal for large surfaces, for outdoor cleaning sweeping road. It contains a Battery level indicator (mod.ET) with a large filter surface. large filter surface distributed on 8 cartridge filters fitted with electric filter shaker.

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