Ride On Floor Scrubber Dryer with Sweeping and Scrubbing System

Comfort Duotech is a 3 in 1 machine because it sweeps, washes and dries at the same time. It is particularly suitable for cleaning very dirty surfaces, even in presence of heavy debris that need to be swept before being washed.

Main Features:

  • Ultra compact dimensions and great handling like a walk behind scrubber dryer, ideal for maintenance cleaning
  • Complete right/left side brush (1060 mm working width)
  • Great battery autonomy (up to 4h) thanks to the very low consumption of washing solution and tanks large capacity
  • Very precise detergent dosing system, proportional to the water supply, which determines a reduced number of stops and maximum use of the battery charge for the effective operation of the machine
  • Ergonomic steering wheel of new conception with very small turning radius (860mm) which allows it to rotate practically on itself both to the right and to the left
  • Self-leveling central brush that allows perfect work even on uneven surfaces
  • Forced air flows keep the solution always within the washing track patented
  • Sweeping, up to 1060mm, thanks to large diameter and intelligent side brushes (Active) which retract automatically both in the event of an impact and when cornering to allow the perfect collection of all the material.
  • Up to 30 L solid debris tank
  • Double floor drying process that allows the rear wheels to travel without slipping on wet surfaces.
  • Green feature: very low water consumption
  • Seat Hight kit available

Easy and intuitive control panel

Complete with hour meter, battery charge level indicator, empty water tank level indicator, forward/reverse traction indicator, speed adjustment, horn, main brush pressure adjustment, automatic squeegee height adjustment, detergent dosing system  

Sturdy steel squeegee

It assures perfect drying even in the tightest corners

Debris collection

Large, easy-to-extract debris recovery tank, holds up to 30 liters of debris on the 85 CS model


Included Accessories

  1. FRONT SQUEEGEE 650 – cod. 00005-02339

  2. REAR SQUEEGEE 650 – cod. 00005-02338

  3. BRUSH PPL – cod. 00080-04646

  4. SPAZZOLA PPL+TYNEX – cod. 00080-04644



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