High Speed Floor Polisher & Buffer Machine SDM-R 53G

SDM-R 53G is a Lavor high-performance floor polisher, cleaner, buffer machine. Ideal for polishing surfaces with metallic waxes.



The Lavor SDM-R 53 G is a professional high-speed, high-performance floor polisher, ideal for polishing surfaces with metallic waxes. It can be used for maintenance cleaning or for polishing any type of natural or wax-treated floor.

This floor machine has an ergonomic handle with integrated controls, a sturdy joint, a powerful and silent motor, and a suction system with a paper collector bag. The disc holder is flexible to compensate for any unevenness and the brushes are at constant pressure.

The transmission of High-Speed Floor Polisher buffer Machine SDM-R 53G is geared by satellite and planetary; this guarantees a constant power, long life, and noiselessness of the machine.

Accessories and brushes are not included. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on the most suitable materials for your needs.


  • Ergonomic handle with integrated controls.
  • Robust articulated handle.
  • Powerful robust and silent engine.
  • The floor polisher buffer machine has a high speed of 1500 rpm.
  • Suction system.
  • Paper binder bag.
  • Flexible disk holder.
  • Possibility of Brushes and Discs or pads.

Technical data

Brush Type High speed
Brush Speed 1500 RPM
Work Track 510 mm
Supply 230V
Power 1300 W
Transmission Helical belt system
Noise 56 dB
Electrical cable 12 m
Body Height 280 mm
Weight 48.8 kg


We are also providing Floor Cleaning Machine SDM R 45G 16-160, which is basically a single disc multipurpose machine. It is adapted to satisfy all the cleaning requirements, marble restoration and treatment and natural stones, woods and hardwood flooring, carpeting, dewaxing, hard scrubbing.

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