Floor Single Disc Cleaning Machine SDM R 45G 16-160

We have a Single-Disc Cleaning Machine, used for floor cleaning, mopping and for hard scrubbing, marble restoration, carpeting and dewaxing.

CODE: 0.055.0303
  • Complete range of single disc machines professional, sturdy, manageable, practical, and simple to use.
  • Ergonomic handle with integrated safety controls.
  • Strong joint handle.
  • Powerful and noiseless motor
  • Hence it is adapted to satisfy all the cleaning requirements, mopping
  • Optional tank
  • Possibility of Brushes and Discs or pads
  • Accurate coil geometry
  • Rugged design
  • Restoration and treatment and natural
  • Stones, woods and parquet, moquette,
  • Also, it gives resistance against corrosion

Description Lavor SDM-R 45G

Lavor SDM-R 45G 16-130 Single disc machine Practical and light single disc machine for cleaning and maintenance of floors. Thanks to its small size and low weight it is ideal for working in small and medium sizes and in congested areas, without sacrificing the performance of professional products, due to its lightness it is also suitable for female personnel.

The SDM-R 45G has impressive stability and working balance, thus the operators could work for hours without any arm or body fatigue. Extremely reliable, practical, and safe management tool. Using a variety of tools and accessories allows for a wide range of services.

Complete range of professional single disc machines, sturdy, easy to handle, practical, and easy to use. Ergonomic handle with integrated controls Sturdy joint of the handle. Having Powerful and silent motor, thus suitable to satisfy all the cleaning, restoration, and treatment needs of marble and granite, wood and parquet, carpet, dewaxing, roughing.

We are also providing other Floor Cleaning Machines, hence it includes High-Speed Floor Polisher Machine SDM-R 53G.

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