Commercial Dry Vacuum Cleaner silent series for hotels, hospitals, and offices. Dry vacuum cleaners with eco! efficiency save its electricity.

CODE: 8.246.0007

With its large capacity and powerful airflow, tackles mess in garages, workshops, and other light industrial settings. Its soft start and automatic filter cleaning system make using and maintaining this vacuum easy. Determining the best vacuum will depend on the area, soil, and the level of traffic you are dealing with.

  • Silenced single-stage motor (high efficiency).
  • HEPA filter.
  • Integrated accessory holder.
  • Shock and overturn proof design.
  • Traceless wheels.
  • Microfiber collector filter HEPA flow.
  • Rotating ON/OFF switch.
  • 12 Litre plastic tank (PP).
  • High visibility power cable 12 m



Voltage 230-240V-50Hz
Depression 24 kPa / 2400 mmH2O
Air suction 44 l/s
Tank total volume 12 / 9 (dust) l
Number of motors / Power 1-800 W

Vacuum cleaners are pieces of janitorial cleaning equipment that come in several different shapes and sizes to tackle different problems like spot cleaning or wet residue pick-up. Each vacuum cleaner has its own set of strengths that make it best suited for specific types of tasks over other vacuum types. We are also providing a wide range of:

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Domestic Purpose Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners as well

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